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Our History

Set up by a crack team of digital ninjas , we wanted to know why so many company charge a lot of money for what is essentially free but more complex for the non ninjary type. Digital DIY Ninjas was born, wherever possible we go open source so that you can too as theses cost savings can be passed straight on to you.

What We Do

Everything is cutom made and designed aroung your brand but making sure that inital costs and running costs are far lower than competitors.

We essential only charge running costs so if its free for us then its free for you, thtas just who we are, no matter what you need we will find a way, so contact us today.

How do we do it?

Most of our websites follow a similar pattern

Its built specially for you

Uploaded to GitLab (Meaning any changes can be fixed at any time
Hosted on Netlify (Free hosting without the drawbacks)
Then ran through Cloudflare (so your customers get there incredibly fast no matter where they are